flashforge finder not extruding It has 4 stars from 2 reviews. Aug 24, 2019 · All3DP is an editorially independent publication. Finder 5039 cm3 Saint Basil's Cathedral PRODUCT DETAILS LARGER BUILD VOLUME Guider IIs's build volume has reached 280*250*300, which is 68% larger than the previous generation and also many times bigger than other types of printers. Page 1 User Guide Finder Desktop 3D Printer V1. hk: Products. 0. Slide-in Build Area: The Flashforge Finder offers a 5. PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, Metal, Flexible, PVA, PC, HIPS and many other 3D filaments are available. It is capable All the heated elements are protected from touch, and the printing material is non-toxic PLA. !!! Now!you!can!see!the!top!of!the!printer The Flashforge Finder 3D printer is a great model to get you started on 3D printing, its ease of use and intuitive colour touchscreen makes it the first choice for beginners and primary schools. It has a modest build area and is limited to printing with However, knowing whether the stepper is a NEMA 17 or not may not be sufficient as there are very many variations of the NEMA 17, w. 75mm PLA Filament, Printing Temperature: 374 to 428°F. 6. 0 is designed to be at home in kids rooms and classrooms. Dear all Flashforge users, the upgrade has been done and the FlashCloud has been available for use now. About Save Bubble: Save Bubble round-up the latest online sales news. 44. Grinding, slipping and under extrusion translated into several failed prints. Using PLA, also tried a new reel to make sure it wasn't the filament. This might not feel like a whole lot of space, but it’s relatively big if you consider that the size Re: Flashforge Finder vs Velleman Vertex K8400 printer. It's recommended to use with all materials from Z-Filament Series and new materials which will be launched soon. While the FlashForge Finder does not have the largest build platform, nor does it come with a heated print mattress, it markets itself as a very easy-to-use and dependable option that will make 3D printing a breeze for first-timers. Finder under-extrusion problem. In Stock Now For Showing, Demo Unit Available in our showroom Shipped from Canada, Ontario Dual Independent Extruders combines flashforge reliability and Unique Independent Dual Extrusions Learn More Product Overview After Creator Pro great success Flashforge has launched Creator 3. See full list on techgearlab. 0, Model No. The start g code includes a wipe / purge across the front of the build plate. Specifications: • Printing Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) It is capable of printing right out of the box with few tweaks. For PLA prints with a broad base and one or more parts that stick up from it, (example 3d_corner_20x20. Nov 13, 2017 · Recently, FlashForge has released another great 3D printer to add to their product line, introducing, the FlashForge Finder. But just tell us, we will do our best to solve it. Slicing. For 3D printers, it must not have been operated, have marks or show signs of use. Grasp a piece of printer paper and put it between the platform and nozzle. Flashforge presently owns 10 product Do not use retraction conversion. Specifications: • Printing Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) FlashForge Finder is among a very few 3D printers that still hold reliability and One can start printing with this machine even when having no experience of  30 ส. Oddly, the damaged temp sensor looked exactly like the Thermocouple currently sold as a Finder spare part by Flashforge with blue cable sheath and black heatshrink. Note! Sometimes the sensor has to be replaced. Wait until they stop. 3mm in diameter from below the nozzle going up to the extruder block until you see it come out the other side. For ABS printing there are a variety of optimal print surfaces. It has a modest build area and is limited to printing with Anycubic 4Max Pro FDM 3D Printer, Sensitive Touch Screen, Modular Design with Ultrabase Platform, Printing Size up to 10. I have three Flashforge 3d Printers in total - two Creator Pros and a Guider IIs. com. P3DP has the widest range of 3D printers for industrial, medical, personal, and educational uses. Do not use Finder in damp or wet locations. Nothing can be more irritating, or more intimidating, than a clogged print nozzle. Flashforge Creator Pro; Flashforge Finder; Zortrax Inventure; BCN3D Sigma R17; 3D Scanners. It is capable of printing right out of the box with few  25 Dec 2019 Curious about the new FlashForge Finder starter 3D Printer? Not sure it offers enough? Check out this review to get the full picture before you  PLA filament, which is a non-toxic bioplastic 3D printing material and does no harm to kids' health, is used by Flashforge Finder. Nov 27, 2018 · The Flashforge Finder tied with the Anycubic Photon in terms of overall score, with both of these printers finishing just behind the Creality CR-10S. 40mm The Flashforge Finder is our Spring 2020 pick for the "Best 3D Printer for Beginners". The instructions are for the Flashforge Creator Pro printer, which is a very similar setup except the Dreamer has a Top Plate that contains a PCB board for the Heater Cartridge and the Thermal Sensor to plug into whereas the Creator Pro has these attached directly to the wire bundle that goes to the back of the printer. The FlashForge Finder 2. Oct 14, 2020 · Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Flashforge Finder 2. The Flashforge Creator 3. 75mm Ultra-Strong Pearl PLA Filament for the Dreamer, Inventor Series, and Adventurer 3 (0. What's it like? The first thing that makes the Flashforge Finder  FlashForge USA is disrupting 3D printing market by introducing easy-to-use and reliable 3D printers. Nov 3, 2020 - Free 2-day shipping. Important: Will ONLY work with Flashforge's updated style nozzle, which is larger and uses M7 threads. Flashforge Finder, using the Flashforge Software and PLA. 4mm Mk9 Extrusion Nozzle for Flashforge Creator Printers. If you products have any defect or delay, please do not open case or not leave Negative & Natural feedback, it can not solve any problems . 6 and the Firmware of the printer to V1. These printers are reliable workhorses, and can print again and again. I'm not saying you absolutely must do these things, but I would never want to revert them. Check out our review to see if it's the right machine for you. STL. The Fails are always in the same height, so i was quite sure that this is not a Problem with the PLA or the temperature. It also features high-quality dual-extrusion which is optimised for flexible and normal filaments, giving you great flexibility and choice. 5k Views If you are looking at something new and usable as an entertaining device that has mixed with the latest technology, flashforge 3d printer will have to be one of your best choices. The printer is on loan to Maui Makers to print some prosthetic hands from eNABLE for some kids on Maui. Flashforge Finder 3d printer by WOL3D with 1 filament free 4. It is the first choice for 3D printing novices and educators. 20151109. This can be removed if Page 32 Selecting FlashForge Dreamer will print with both extruders while FlashForge Dreamer Single will print with one extruder. If you are looking for FlashForge Finder 3d printer software,  CAT. The photo on the right is an example of over extrusion (Courtesy of Simplify3D’s Troubleshooting Guide! Many slicers have a setting called an extrusion multiplier that can be tweaked to correct for over or under extrusion. The only challenge I still get on occasion is heat soak creeping up the Teflon tube inside the extruder, which results in a clog. It has a modest build area and is limited to printing with Jan 05, 2014 · Using Slic3r. Its fun design and easy-to-use software are great for exploring the world of 3D printing or letting your kids run wild. Firmware. This printer offers ultra-quality with a dual extrusion technology which is vital for providing an excellent learning experience to 3D printing projects. FlashForge USA stands behind the products we make. Go to touch screen menu "Tools--Setting--Extruder Calibration". For example, when performing dual extrusion, all processes should be using the “both extruders” settings. Add Ticket After a few months of FlashForge use one issue has consistently cropped up. Many of the problems that makers run into when 3D printing is during filament extrusion. Supplied fully assembled the Finder has a very clean design with cables concealed from sight within the plastic alloy frame. Even if you are familiar with earlier FlashForge machines or 3D printing technology, we still recommend that please read this guide, as there is lots of important information about the Finder for you to get a better 3D I have simular problem, but not sure if it is software or printer. The reason is, we do not under any circumstance want to create a pocket of a wider space at the nozzle tip. Dec 25, 2019 · The Flashforge Technology Company is only five years old but is one of China’s largest producers of 3D printers and accessories. From 20,504 SEK Ex Tax: 16,403 SEK Leading companies across the globe specify Delrin ® acetal homopolymer from DuPont for high-load mechanical applications such as gears, safety restraints, door systems, conveyor belts, healthcare delivery devices, and other demanding products and parts. Ich habe einen Flashforge Finder. 63 x 8. Flashforge Finder feels modern, up-to-date and fits perfectly on any desk, in a workshop, hobby room or classroom. They are sized for far less die swell than conventional profile dies. There are two main problems to look at. Do not refit Finder plug. 4. ships within 24 hours. NOTE: By clicking once more on 'Scale' you can access a more accurate menu. The extruder offers less material limitations, now reaching temperatures up to 300°C! This is a replacement for the gear in the extruders used in the Flashforge 3D printers. Find more German words at wordhippo. View on Amazon. Ich möchte mit diesen 3D Drucker Cura nutzen. Flashforge Creator 3 - Independent Dual Extrusion 3D Printer V2. The Flashforge Guider 2S is a professional FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printer, and follows its predecessor in its reputable structure. I was looking at the Flashforge Finder, and it looks good, but my concern is that it has no support for heated bed, and is not able to print with Ninjaflex (or am I wrong there?). We are the authorised distributor of eSUN 3D filaments and Flashforge 3D printers in Australia. 3. It’s a lovely machine that works extremely well for educators, hobbyists, and casuals. The Flashforge Creator Pro is one of the UK's favourite 3D Printers, it's easy to see why! The build quality of this machine is fantastic, giving you real peace of mind about long-term plans and usage. Review FlashForge null There are two categories of 3D printers that FlashForge offers. With its assisted levelling system, you just need to do a few tweaks before starting prints. IE, if bed temp is 20C and bed heat is set to 0-15,C the extruder will never come on, but if I set to heat bed at 25C, it will come on after reaching the temp. The FlashForge Finder Lite review would deal with the various aspects of the 3D printer, positive as well as negative, to help users make an informed decision. The Adventurer 3 Lite is a closed frame 3D printer produced by FlashForge. No angular modeling industrial design, no edges and corners, no high temperature components and wires. During slow extrusion rate, in PTFE li Flashforge Inventor 3D Printer is the least expensive Flashforge 3D Printers for Your Project at $1,249. This also makes it bigger than the Dreamer, Finder and Creator Pro. When you are not dual extruding (in my case, about 99% of the time), unload and unscrew the idle nozzle. ESI will also feature downstream calibrators, sizing units, and spray cooling tanks for wood composite profiles, which are slow to cool. Flashforge Finder When i print, it will create the first layer fine, then stop extruding completely. The Finder is the easiest-to-use 3D printer so far. Use Prime pillars FlashForge Finder Lite. Since PLA becomes stringy when heated, having a 3D printer with proper temperature control is crucial. uk Price: £ 420 . 94 Flashforge Finder / New Finder Build Surface Sheet. Feeder Problems Hello! As it seems S3D doesn't have support to print over WIFI for the Flashforge Finder, I thought I could get by using the USB connection. 00 ₹ 31,800 . Here's what I have tried thus far: System Settings. We advise customers to update their 3D printer’s firmware regularly so that new software and performance improvements can be used. Cura bietet mehr Einstellmöglichkeiten als Flashprint. (Recommended) These surfaces are an adhesive backed sheet designed to stick onto your printers bed or removable platform. ₹ 27,000/ UnitGet Latest Xyz Printing 3d Printer Da Vinci 1. With a price tag of $879, the machine is aimed at Flashforge brand (red) PLA works best. Usually it's not necessary to replace th. 9,90 Flashforge Finder Red Single Extrusion 3D Printer 10043001. The Creator Pro by Chinese company FlashForge features a metal frame instead of the wooden one on the original Creator. 5kg, Pink) featuring For the Finder and Dreamer, For the Inventor Series and Adventurer 3, Helps Ensure Smooth Feeding & Extrusion, Helps Minimize Extruder Jamming, 1. The first is extrusion and the second is getting the extruded material to stick to the print bed. 00. Return Policy. Polar Cloud was so kind as to inform me that it has integrations to print directly from TinkerCAD for the FlashForge Finder. Again, please refer to RepRapWiki - NEMA 17 Stepper Motor to see a list of some of the NEMA 17 steppers available, and in common use in 3D printing. Flashforge 3d printer Finder,12 months warranty, lifetime technical assistance and 24 hours professional customer service. The reason for extruding so slowly in this step is to ensure that the resistance of the plastic further down in the hotend does not affect how much is fed in by the stepper motor. That works but often gives unexpected results. May 10, 2016 · If you have not yet configured Slic3r for the Flashforge Dreamer, the following article might be useful, in which I describe the G-code settings and post processing script I use to operate the Dreamer from Slic3r in dual extrusion mode: Slic3r G-code for dual extrusion printing on the Flashforge Dreamer. Whether you need a new cold end, hot end,Read More Get the best deal for Flashforge from the largest online selection at eBay. media-printer. The surface finish is not as smooth as you get with the more expensive printers, but is more than enough for prototyping and household use. 2514. Loaded with easy-to-use features, and designed to be at home in kids rooms and classrooms, the new FlashForge Finder is the first choice for 3D printing novices and educators. You’re printing a job, everything seems to be progressing nicely, when suddenly you hear a clicking or knocking sound from your extruder motor. 9 x 6. A 3D printer that stops feeding plastic or suffers from poor extrusion can be very frustrating. Scouring the internet for advice, he realized that the problem with bad, unreliable extrusion was universal. From 20,504 SEK Ex Tax: 16,403 SEK Flashforge, Jinhua. 2 out of 5 stars 732 ₹ 31,800. But now the problem is that, although the way is free from clogs (or it appears to be so) the printer is not extruding. I am new to 3D printing and am trying to get started with a FlashForge Finder. 00 $ 899. Dec 16, 2016 · There are new versions of the firmware available for the 3D printer models FlashForge Finder, FlashForge Guider and FlashForge Dreamer. I purchased my FlashForge Finder just a little more than a month ago from Amazon. not extruding enough plastic or insufficient material Grinding filament and/or extruder motor skipping Z-wobble or lines on the side of the print Small features not printed Scars on top surface Blobs and/or pimples on exterior surface Weak infill Stops extruding in the middle of a print Infill showing on exterior of print Turbo fan that cools off the filament when printing with PLA. The following configuration should get you going however there are a huge amount of settings to tweak. 3D Scanners by Brand. Buy FlashForge 1. 0 out of 5 stars 2. Buy Flashforge Finder Intelligent 3D Printer at cheap price online, with Youtube reviews and FAQs, we generally offer free shipping to Europe, US, Latin America, Russia, etc. it is made for PLA that is it. Filament Not Extruding or Under Extruding 1. Includes: Mounting block 2x Tensioning arm with idler and cleaning brush (one right and one left) 2x Adjustment cam 2x Drive gear 2x Feed barrel 2x Heater block 2x Insulation for heater block 6 nozzles – 2 each 0. All metal hotend solves this problem, plastic is surrounded by thermally conductive nozzle throughout its length Fits: FlashForge Creator Pro, FlashForge Creator X, FlashForge Dreamer, FlashForge Finder, Qidi Tech, Dremel Idea Builder, PowerSpec 3D Pro, PowerSpec 3D X, PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer, Wanhao Duplicator 4S, Wanhao Duplicator 4X • Not an easy set-up process • Insufficient instructions. Direct extrusion drives work much better than bowden tube extrusion mechanisms for 3D printing with Ninjaflex. For the Zortrax M200 and M300 3d-printers PLA is not as tough as other plastics, but delivers prints with very high dimensional accuracy. Note that the name may be an elongated version of this such as “Flashforge Creator Dual Nozzle Calibration. Flashforge finder 2. . 16,90 € Flashforge Extruder Turbo Fan Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for Flashforge Finder and Flashforge Guider 2. One thing I like about this printer, and the reason I have purchased a second on is it's reliability. 5” (140 x 140 x 140 mm) print area on every axis and the print bed doubles smoothly and is easy to insert and remove. It has a modest build area and is limited to printing with Flashforge 3D Printer Finder Single Extruder Printer Amazon. FlashForge 3D Printer, New Model: Creator Pro 2, with Independent Dual Extruder System. Once the filament enters the extruder, it should be caught by the clamp inside and will begin to be slowly pushed into the extruder. Immediate cooling upon filament extrusion is at the core of what determines success with PLA manufacturing. Jul 08, 2020 · Flashforge offers a standard 180-Day manufacturer’s warranty for the Dreamer, although extensions of up to 12 months are available by buying the ProCare Extended Warranty. Once the first filament is removed, feed the second filament back through the plastic tube and into the extruder. Due to product enhancement and differences in monitors. Buy FlashForge Finder - 3D printer at Walmart. And parents and teachers appreciate its quiet and safe operation. It's got a fully enclosed body, Wi-Fi connectivity, a built-in SD port, a build volume of 230 x 150 x 140, a higher resolution color touch screen. 75mm PLA Filament for the Finder, Dreamer, Inventor Series, and Adventurer 3 (0. BUILD VOLUME Printing Dimension: 255 x 211 x 295mm Filament Amount: 240m Model Weight: 698g * This model is Flashforge Finder 3d Printer Review 1. Jan 12, 2016 · When it is unheated, the Finder only supports PLA filaments. Platform and extruder start to move. A widely used file format for 3D models. 1 but there is a bug that may result in choosing incorrect tool for the skirt/brim/raft. 0 Guider 2 Guider 2S HT Inventor Inventor 2 Sold in units of 1 May 02, 2019 · 3 – Creator Pro from FlashForge. Finder version Turbo Fan does not include brackets. MakerBot Replicator 1 The Flashforge Finder 2. Cura has a lot of advantages over Flashprint and provides much more control over how your print will work. You can either print a dual-coloured object or a single object and have the raft, infill, supports and Select the Replicator 1 if you do not see your printer type listed. **Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Customer care is at the top of our core values. Ich bin auf der Suche nach Cura Settings für meinen Flashforge Finder. 0 Single Extruder 3D Printer - Red at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! FLASHFORGE FINDER FDM Fully Assembled 3D PRINTER,Touch Screen,WIFI,Auto Leveling. Free shipping at $100. Aviation level aluminum plate with a thickness of 6. 99 CAD. I recently got a Flashforge Finder printer on a great offer, and as I'm a bit new I thought I might be better sticking with the Flashforge brand filament to try and avoid any compatibility issues as I'm still dialling in the settings. I'm relatively new to 3d printing and wanted some nice vibrant colours to try and get the rest of my family engaged in the hobby. Recently got my flashforge finder, but after a couple hours of printing there seems to be some sort of partial jamming issue. Unclogging Nozzle on Flashforge Dreamer: Just got my hands on a gently used Flashforge Dreamer. Some of the more common problems are when filament comes out stringy, there is oozing, or not enough filament being extruded. 11 Sep 2017 Cold Pull, clearing a clogged nozzle Print · Start by moving the extruder so it is not in the middle of an axis. Nov 04, 2018 · Flashforge Finder not extruding during print, fine during Load Filament - RESOLVED! Hi All, I've been using my Flashforge Finder for about 5 weeks now without any problems, however recently i changed the filament in the usual way and now it wont extrude PLA when printing. There are two ways this can happen. Check image to the left to determine your nozzle style before ordering. Quick View 0. The Flashforge brand is well-respected, but they definitely have had some ups and downs throughout their history with products and customer services. C $741. 4mm Mk9 Extrusion Nozzle for Online orders are not affected, we have plenty of stock and The FlashForge Creator 3 is a huge breakthrough in affordable 3D printers, having independent dual extruders with high speeds and an extended range of compatible materials. ② Do not Finder support Simplify3D software, software not developed by FlashForge may need. The device can print at up to 100mm/s. 12K likes. Apr 08, 2019 · FlashForge Finder 3D Pro Overview The first thing that you are likely to identify when you come across the Creator Pro 3D printer is that it is a closed unit. Priced at $3,499, the machine is marketed to universities and engineering FlashForge Creator Pro is a very popular option on the higher end of the price range. Flashforge is one of the first professional 3D printing equipment and materials R&D and manufacturing enterprises in China. So if you find a lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match the price. Equipped with contained hot  The advantage is that you do not have to disassemble the extruder when maintenance work is required! On the positive side, the new  Advice from another source suggested thoroughly cleaning the feed gear on the bowden extruder. The Guider IIs has a much bigger build volume and costs a fair bit more. co. 07 x 8. Since I'd never used this particular model, first order of business was to get the printer… I have recently purchased a Flashforge Finder and after a couple of days successful printing with it's 'out-of-the-box' settings, I took the advise of the software and updated the Flashprint software to version 3. The software that runs on the electronics and controls the Ultimaker. Unclogging 3D Printer Flashforge Finder - EASY! Make sure you hit that Subscribe button, I have more coming your way, from Playstation, Xbox, Wii mods to 3D The hole in the top of the nozzle is essentially blocked so that no plastic can escape. Nov 17, 2020 · The MakerBot Replicator and the FlashForge Finder are also great consumer 3D printers to consider. Flashforge Finder is an easy-to-use, compact and affordable desktop 3D printer suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. 2 lbs (1 kg) Helps Ensure Smooth Feeding & Extrusion Helps Minimize Extruder Jamming Printing Temperature: 190-220°C The FlashForge Creator Pro 2 is the latest 3D Printer from Flashforge. Dec 07, 2017 · Do not hit the "ok" button yet as that will stop the printer from heating. But trying to find the printer in the Machine Control Panel didn't work at all. 2019 ฐานพิมพ์ของเครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ Flashforge Finder มีขนาดการพิมพ์อยู่ที่ 14 x 14 เซนติเมตร และสามารถเลื่อนออกมาจากตัวเครื่องได้ เพื่อให้ง่ายต่อการเอางานที่  flashforge finder extruder calibration The printer is suitable for beginners since it 75mm filament NOT the material that comes out of the hot end send M92 E lt . Sep 20, 2013 · For the last week, I've been living with a 3D printer – one of the cheapest on the market: the Flashforge Creator Dual. Extruding and Drawing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic Set up, operate, or tend machines to extrude or draw thermoplastic or metal materials into tubes, rods, hoses, wire, bars, or structural shapes. More information Micro Swiss All-metal Hotend Kit for Flashforge Finder / Inventor2 / Guider- 1. Ninjaflex or any type of flexible filament needs a little bit of tender loving care in order to get it working on your 3D printer. The Flashforge Finder focuses on easy setup and everyday use. I'm trying to reconnect my Flashforge Finder to the Wifi. Assembly incl servo motor. How to use extrude in a sentence. This miniature single head 3D printer packs all the same quality extrusion technology that FlashForge’s other 3D printers come with, but at an affordable price point and its noticeably quieter print performance. Everyone seemed to suffer from the same dilemma. It’s reasonably priced, capable of handling the most common filaments, and includes a wide selection of customization features. 350 SEK Ex Tax: 280 SEK Stop extruding the ABS filament after the previous material has been completely purged and cleaned out. There is a consumer level and a professional level. 2. Vielleicht hat schon jemand Cura für diesen Drucker eingericht The FlashForge Creator Pro’s heated print bed is now made up of an aluminum alloy which has a thickness of 6. If you really want a low-cost dual extruder 3D printer, check out the XYZprinting da Vinci 2. stl from Thingiverse), the following solution seems to work: Invert the model 180° in your print software, so that the thin extensions are printed first Use support Use a raft This has worked for me so far. All Hardware is supplied with 1 year warranty. The machine was launched quite a few years back and has retained its popularity even now. The FlashForge Finder User Guide is designed for the Finder users to start their printing journey with FlashForge Finder. This new heated printing platform ensures greater thermal stability in general. Jul 08, 2020 · The FlashForge Creator Pro is a great little entry-level 3D printer. Flashforge printers have a lot to love about them - they are quiet, good-looking and, of course, print very well. So, if you are interested in multi-color Dec 01, 2018 · Hallo, mein Name crosslight. Recently, last year, the company even released its upgrade named Finder 2. I have also tried a lot and found that when printing complex structures the print misses out complete slices, so my models looking the same as yours on the Pictures. com, shop the Flashforge PLA Filament. 75mm Filament Print from USB, Wi-Fi, and SD Card Closed Print Chamber Five Cooling Fans Built-In Camera Color Touchscreen Windows, Mac, and Linux Compatible Project 3D Printers is the authority for 3D Printers offering the highest quality 3D printers, scanners, filament, and parts at competitive prices. com! Page6!of!43! 800C689C4344! holders. After many years of 3D printing with the FFCP, I consider these the most important tweaks to improve quality, reliability, and ease-of-use. Poke a guitar string , I think it’s . Nov 10, 2018 · So I would like to share My finding here and hopefully wonderful Cura-Ultimaker community can work together with workable CURA for Flashforge 3D printer So here is setting and Finding on the attachment. Flashforge Impresora 3d Finder , Find Complete Details about Flashforge Impresora 3d Finder,Impresora 3d Finder,3d Printer House from Digital Printers Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhejiang Flashforge 3d Technology Co. However, it’s marred by a warranty that is intentionally difficult to redeem and as such, it’s important to take very good care of it. The 3D Printer is designed to help beginners get their foot on 3D printing. I am using LOAD, let the old filament go in for a 3-5 secs, then press the extruder lever, pull the old filament out and insert the new one. 74 litres) and a print speed of 24 cm³/hour. $3,494. When I use the Load filament option, the filament is grabbed by the motor and drawn down, I can leave this a minute or so and see that the filament is moving freely through the extruder. FREE Shipping. quickly, but have not addressed the issue with extrusion. g. Methods for making an uncooked extruded dough product are provided, comprising extruding a dough composition of pre-gelatinized starch comprising at least about 75 percent of amylopectin, flour, leavening agent and water through a die under conditions so that the dough composition does not exceed 140·F. Cubic Technology is Australia's largest supplier of 3D printing filaments and one of the leading suppliers of 3D printers. 5 mm orifice China 3d Printer Manufacturers Flashforge Finder Desktop 3d Printer , Find Complete Details about China 3d Printer Manufacturers Flashforge Finder Desktop 3d Printer,Desktop 3d Printer,3d Printer Manufacturers,Flashforge Finder from Digital Printers Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhejiang Flashforge 3d Technology Co. "This port takes G-Code commands for performing actions such as increasing the temperature, extruding plastic, and moving the heated extruder tip around. As an upgraded version of the classical Creator series, with the Independent dual extruder (IDEX) system, the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 provides beginners with higher quality and easier operation. FlashForge Guider Review. More than 1,700 reference plants worldwide prove our experience and depth of real-world expertise. Finder is  You can tweak the temperature if your print job is not successful but you should not exceed 260°. If you want the all-around package, look no further than the FlashForge Finder. After the retirement of FlashForge Finder, this one seems to be the closest clone of it. When you buy one of these products you will be amazed at the quality and the range of colors you can obtain, all from the comfort of your home or office – so if you are looking for best 3d printer at the lowest price then read on for more information. 3mm guarantee its surface is completely flat and will not warp during the heating process. With an all-metal frame design and body side panels made of high-strength ABS material, the Guider II not only has a stable print performance, but also lightweight and durable. C $687. Looking through many lists and reviews for the Flashforge Finder, you can see that it is a recommended choice for beginners, novices and younger people who are interested in the 3D printing field. It avoids all the fancy stuff, not having high temperature components or wires and its heating elements being protected from touch. 2. Apr 16, 2020 · As spotted by The Register, this is the worrying claim put forward in a blog post by security firm CoalFire, which leveraged an exploit against a FlashForge Finder, a popular 3D printer aimed at This time the result was much better, but unfortunately still not good enough. The Adventurer 3 Lite was released in 2019 and uses extrusion 3D printing technology. FLASHFORGE 3D PRINTER | Home. The FlashForge Finder 3D Printer User Guide contains the information needed for you to set up and use this device. 319,55 SMS group is the only manufacturer to supply all extrusion processes for all materials and alloys, including all ancillary equipment and automation systems. The FlashForge Finder is a good 3d printer that has important features that make it perfect for families, novice users, and schools. IMO, the Unload function should first extrude out for a few seconds and only then  i got my flash forge finder yesterday and i am very new to 3d printing, but now my filament is not extruding i am using PLA at 220 c what should i do??? Under Extrusion Print. Finder is FLASHFORGE Finder. It also helps to take the temperature out of the equation, again by reducing the effects of pressure in the nozzle. Use Prime pillars This is an all metal hotend upgrade kit for Flashforge Finder and Flashforge Guider 2. FlashForge - Guider IIS. As an Amazon Associate and Nov 20, 2020 · One of the latest printers is their budget-friendly Finder. throughout the extrusion process. Flashforge was founded in 2011 with a goal to provide cost effective 3D printers to everyone. LulzBot Mini LulzBot TAZ 5 LulzBot TAZ 6 Lulzbot SL Toolhead MakerBot MakerBot. Getting started in 3D printing with Finder is much easier and more affordable than ever. Definitely with more feature The photo on the left is under extrusion which creates gaps in the layers. Apr 28, 2018 · 2. Adventurer3 Finder Creator Pro Dreamer Dec 23, 2020 · Flashforge have been making waves in recent times for releasing some very highly-rated cheap 3D printers, including the Adventurer 3, the Dreamer, and Hunter. Flashforge is one of global 3D printing suppliers, offers professional, commercial and consumer 3D printers, filaments, software and solutions. Any other filament fails completely unless I print at High quality, with head temperature at 235 degrees. com 15 Dec 2016 Most common used flex styles*/ /* Basic flexbox reverse styles */ /* Flexbox alignment */ /* Non-flexbox positioning helper styles */  Flashforge Finder not extruding during print, fine during Load Filament - RESOLVED! Hi All, I've been using my Flashforge Finder for about 5  14 Oct 2017 See what people are saying on Help - Finder does not load filament. Better is to set it to 0 and use slicer based retraction or say slier to create G10/G11 and set retraction distances in eeprom. The German for extruding is strangpressen. Both the Creality and the Anycubic cost about $500, while the Finder sell for quite a bit less than that — $300. FlashForge PLA 0. Flashforge Creator, Monoprice Dual, Dremel, Wanhao 4S, Powerspec Ultra, CTC Dual Extruder, and many others. Beginners are to benefit from the slide-in build plate, assisted bed-leveling, and intuitive color touchscreen. FlashForge Creator Max FlashForge Finder is also among those very few that still hold reliability and trust within its user base. " The open-source 3D printer Creator Pro features a sturdy metal frame and dual extrusion technology. Project 3D Printers is the authority for 3D Printers offering the highest quality 3D printers, scanners, filament, and parts at competitive prices. By rotating the view (click and hold Right-Mouse-Button and drag the cursor), we can view any potential areas that will need supports. This 3D printer is probably the best bang for your buck. Printing Technologies – Fused Filament Fabrication; Build Volume – 140 L x 140 W x 140 H mm; Frame & Body – Plastic Alloy; Extruder  3DPrinterOS is the most advanced 3D Printing cloud software for the FlashForge Finder 3D printers. Learn more Flashforge Impresora 3d Finder , Find Complete Details about Flashforge Impresora 3d Finder,Impresora 3d Finder,3d Printer House from Digital Printers Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhejiang Flashforge 3d Technology Co. The Guider IIS brings in a larger build volume than its predecessor, 280 x 250 x 300mm, which is 68% larger than the previous generation. To update the firmware of your machine please follow the instructions bellow. In the professional category they have the Creator 3, Hunter, and Guider 2S. BIG build plate - great for all those helmets we’ve been wanting to print. 0 Duo, which is available for less than $500 (as mentioned above). It can also be used in third party printers, but may or may not fit. The finder is flash forges low end entry level unit targeting the plug and play consumer market . One hypothesis of mine is that this is caused by this protrusion that is somehow created on the filament when it is being melted and tries to squeeze back into shape when passing through, and thus slows the feeding, any ideas? +1 for not using UNLOAD. ABS filament prints between 230-240°, though some filament  It is capable of printing right out of the box with few tweaks. Also, while the build plate is not removable on this printer, it's more level- stable that the Finder's build plate, about as stable as the glass build plate on the BIBO, and not as stable as the build plate on the Sindoh. Hi, I bought a new FlashForge Creator Pro about a month ago and everything was going great until the left nozzle stopped working a few days ago. 5kg, Gold) B&H # FL3DGDPPLAGD MFR # 3D-FFG-DPPLAGD Key Features Flashforge Creator 3 3D Printer-Updated Version 2020 Model. manufacturer and model. com! 4mm inlet bore, for FF Creator, Creator Pro and more. Page 6: Notice Always use the Finder with a properly grounded outlet. Dec 25, 2019 · Core Features of the Flashforge Finder 3D Printer. The reliable personal desktop 3D printer delivers excellent print results, even with ABS, thanks to its enclosed build chamber. The software is easy to use and contains most of the features required for everyday use. 3D!Universe!Presents:!The!Unofficial!FlashForge!Creator!X!Manual! shop3duniverse. Mar 22, 2004 · NPE will be the first showing of extrusion dies for wood composite profiles from ESI-Extrusion Services Inc. FlashForge 1. Due to the Apr 19, 2016 · It is compatible with the Flashforge Dreamer, Creator Pro, Finder and Guider 3D printers. Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase in brand new condition. The extruder assembly has for the most part been great, and extremely reliable. au Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Key Features: Filament Diameter: 1. It is very user friendly, and when it works the prints are admirable. pull the string out from above slowly, as if you where fishing for any plastic that could be left inside the extruder. Established in 2011, FlashForge has sold tens of thousands of 3D printers worldwide, including award-winning models such as Finder, Dreamer, Creator Pro, and Guider 2. All the heated components are kept away from touch. Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer, dual extruder, W/2 free spools. !!! Now!you!can!see!the!top!of!the!printer Finder Lite is just another progress towards a more enhanced future. So FlashForge Finder, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $359 AdimLab Gantry I3, as seen on the chart below. The FlashForge Creator 3D printer is a powerful 3D printing device, and due to its price of $899, it is an accessible option for those wanting to explore the world of 3D printing without committing to a more expensive model. If you are satisfied with your purchase, we sincerely hope you can leave us a positive Feedback and four 5-star Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR), which are of Meet the new kid on the block, the user-friendly, home-friendly, and wallet-friendly 3D printer from FlashForge is ready to play. Warranty. · Heat the extruder to about 240 ° C with  25 Oct 2018 I didn't load my Flashforge Finder's filament properly now I can't at all No matter how hard or much I push the filament down, it won't extrude once the was in the extruder and at 220C it melted and blocked the extruder? ① Do not touch the nozzle and build plate during printing. This is one of the file formats accepted by our software Cura. It's in the top 3 bestselling 3D printers and has quite a few popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Creality Ender 5 Plus or Jgaurora Z 603S. 1. None of these has helped. Editorial content, on principle, can not be bought or influenced. 2015; Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents Welcome to Flashforge Finder Overview Acknowledgment and Commitments About 3D Printing Chapter 1. 5KG Red filament is made with the highest quality PLA material, ensuring a smooth feeding and extrusion in your 3D printer. Returns. It is available in a range of colours and is easy to print with. We recommended to use the FLASHFORGE filaments as they are made with high quality PLA material to ensure smooth feeding and extrusion (they have been successfully tested to minimize the Install the Flexion Extruder by following these instructions (mostly). 6/5. At the time I proposed changing the UNLOAD function of the Sailfish firmware to extrude for a few second before starting the UPLOAD. There is nothing trick about this, everything we knew 3 years ago in the MK5/6 extruders has been staled down from 3mm to 1. My Finder must have been made even before yours because its serial is FFF199471, though it was bought as new in August 2018 from a reputable Australian hobby electronics retailer. This User Guide including the following parts: Preface, Introduction and After-sale service. But when I tried to jump back to the first one, it still didn't ask for a password. 0 17. I tried connecting to a different SSID I have, that worked. Buy Flashforge 3D Printers and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items FlashForge Dreamer (left extruder) – Use this profile for prints involving the left extruder only; FlashForge Dreamer (both extruders) – Use this profile for any prints that will involve both extruders. 0 is an FDM desktop 3D printer that can print layers at 100 microns. An easy way to recognize this issue is if the print does not extrude plastic for the first layer or two, but begins to extrude normally around the 3rd or 4th layers as the bed continues to lower along the Z-axis. You get the conveniences of being able to store printing files onto the device via WiFi. In stock: 31. Filaments: As a customer it is your choice where to buy filaments from but: Any issues related to extrusion, blocked nozzles, stepping, poor layer adhesion etc on any printers will not be covered under warranty or support unless Technologyoutlet filament is used on the printer. As an Amazon Associate and PLA is not as tough as other plastics, but delivers prints with very high dimensional accuracy. 0 has a build volume of up to 14 x 14 x 14 cm (2. Feb 16, 2020 · This version supports both single and dual extrusion. The Chinese 3D printer manufacturer has since released their budget dual extruder 3D printer, the Creator Pro, costing less than $1,000 and boasting a stylish aesthetic and aluminium In this guide, we break down the common causes of a clogged nozzle, how to unblock it properly, and how to prevent it from happening again in future. 07 Inches, Compatible with Flexible Filaments Flashforge Finder FDM 3D Printer Price Guarantee: We provide all 3D printers with the lowest price in the USA. It’s originally available for over $500, so the fact that you can get it now for less than $400 is incredibly The Creator 3 is a desktop sized FFF 3D printer in the professional system range from international OEM Flashforge. in this case I use Flashforge Guider IIS Not perfect but I think it's a good start to improve the code. 1 Quick Print Guide – FlashForge Creator Pro FlashForge Creator Pro is capable of printing 2 colours at one time. Search our knowledge base or submit a ticket. Therefore, it does not feature the raw building volume common with most open models but you will manage to maintain a constant temperature throughout the printing process. When I looked closely there were plastic flakes all over the  25 Mar 2019 PLA filament material is also eco-friendly and does not produce toxic There is the slick prospect of printing with FlashForge Finder without  A single extruder prints onto a non-heated bed which is ideal for using PLA and PET filament, neither of which produce any odour when printing. FlashForge finder 2. This desktop 3D printer offers a build volume of 150 x 150 x 150 mm. 00. Apr 06, 2016 · The Flashforge Finder is a moderately priced ($499) home 3D printer that offers good print quality and a variety of connection choices. Regardless, selecting this will bring up the gcode file in ReplicatorG which you should then print to your printer. 4/5. Welcome to www. 3mm. Another benefit of an all metal hotend design is more consistent melt chamber control. This set off the alarm bells. To keep All3DP free and independent, we finance ourselves through advertising and affiliate revenues. i have replaced the nozzle and tube, recalibrated z-axis and re-leveled everything. It is designed to look cool at an affordable price . The result is under extrusion. Frequently bought together Total price: CDN$462. A good thing with the Finder is that it is more or less Plug-and-play. 75mm x 0. 4, 0. It has a modest build area and is limited to printing with Apr 10, 2019 · If you are ready to upgrade to the best dual extruder 3d printer the read our best and top-rated reviews for these amazing hardware devices. The process of converting a 3D model into a printable file. It has all the features you need to get started in the world of 3D printing. t. The Flashforge Finder is a great machine for beginners and for use in an educational setting. So, if you’re experiencing under extrusion while printing, it’s a good idea to take a look at all of these areas to see if one of them is causing your problem. Ultimaker 2 under extrusion issues can be more common, due to the design of the printer and in our experience the feeder mechanism. Flashforge Finder 3D Printer with Cloud, Wi-Fi, USB for Education and Family Use US$ 299. Set includes Nozzle. 00 WOL 3D Flashforge Creator 3 Industrial Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer (Professional) 1 out of 5 stars 1 Flashforge Inventor Dual Extrusion 3D Printer Build Volume: 9. While the company is relatively new, they haven’t wasted any time and have introduced 14 products to the market that include 3D printers, scanners and accessories of all types. There are dozens of newer 3D printers on the market. Final Verdict. FlashForge Finder. NO: TL4220. Our products cater to many verticals - commercial  CAT. Extrude definition is - to force, press, or push out. However, programs like Slic3r and Simplify3D offer more advanced options for situations where the standard settings do not deliver the desired print quality. It comes fully assembled and ready to print out of the box. The Flashforge website is packed with instructional videos, walkthroughs, troubleshooting articles and more. It may work with 4. 1 x 5. It may skip, get clogged, or produce increasingly worse results with stringing and blobs of filament throughout your model. 00 - US$ 325. One of the most exciting machines from Flashforge is the Creator 3. An idea was born. FlashForge Finder is a user-friendly and compact 3Dprinter with a clean design and cables that are concealed from sight within a plastic alloy body. , Ltd. Machine Type: Flashforge Finder Supports: If you print a model with supports, you should click the inverted triangle and select [Enable]. Replace Hotend V1 with this new version and achieve better printing results. , Akron, Ohio. Quick view The Creator Pro is the latest addition to FlashForge's Creator family. Flashforge - Finder - Guider II/IIs - Leveling Assembly. The proprietary storage lets users know whether the filament is extruding or not, which gives total control on the fly to start or stop any print. ) • Material Right: Choose the material that will be used for the right extruder. In the consumer grade category they have the Finder, Adventurer 3, Creator Pro, Dreamer, Dreamer NX, Guider II, Guider II s, Inventor II, and Inventor. So it's the same SSID, but a new password. Based on proven design of the Creator X chassis, the Pro is now enclosed. FlashForge is a 3D printer manufacturer based in China. Unfortunately, the printer keeps shutting off mid print, and I am unable to find a cause. Beginners benefit from the slide-in build plate, assisted bed-leveling, and intuitive color touchscreen. FlashForge Guider IIs is the successor of the professional FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication. 00 (as of 18/12/2020 04:40 PST- Details ) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. It is an easy-to-use, high-quality 3D printer that is compatible with 3D Enable OctoPrint to connect to certain FlashForge, Dremel and PowerSpec printers. FlashForge USA focuses on making 3D printing widely accessible to institutions, architects, engineers, designers, industrial users, and the broad consumer and prosumer markets. FlashForge Creator Pro. All the heated elements are protected from touch, and the printing material is non-toxic PLA. Finder uses only non-toxic PLA, and the heated components are safely encased. The Flashforge Creator 3 has a dual fan system on the back, much like the Inventor, to keep the internal area cool when printing in PLA. I have not had any problems printing with PLA through the right nozzle. 0 3D Printer is designed for 3D printing novices and schools. The FlashForge Finder Lite specializes in it’s simple, yet effective design. Add to this a real  Ordered, delivery date not confirmed. May 28, 2019 · A Simple Guide to Upgrading 3D Printer Extruders After working with your 3D printer for a while, you may notice a number of problems with your extruder. I cannot use the right extruder on my Flashforge unless the bed is heated at or above the current temp. The plugin allows control of some FlashForge, Dremel and PowerSpec printers (such as the FlashForge Finder, Dreamer, etc) that connect via USB and do not appear as a serial port under OctoPrint. It also allows different nozzle sizes to be used, My favourite feature is ironing. 08. Buy Flashforge 3D printer or have a question? Call ( Hong Kong): 3956-5442 or email: info(at)flashforge. BuildTak™, FlashForge Sheets etc. Some features: Build Volume: 200 x 148 x 150mm Independent dual extruders for mirror, duplicate, multi-colour and soluble support 0. com Under extrusion, e. That tries to convert retractions from G1 Ex to G10/G11 using values stored in eeprom. Flashforge Creator Pro FF-CP3DP Dual Extrusion 3D Printer. FlashForge Creator Pro was released in 2017. $899. 5” x 5. : 3f1awxus00k  Key Specifications. ค. Jun 08, 2019 · The Flashforge Finder 3D printer is an ideal printer for using in the classroom and at home, not only because itís affordable, but also for its intuitive user interface. That dreaded Jul 31, 2020 · "The Flashforge Finder comes with port 8899 open with no authentication, which appears to be relatively common among IoT 3D printers," McInerney wrote. Finder User Guide | www. 4. When I try to choose it, it won't give me the option to type in the password. 3" 50-Micron Layer Resolution Dual Extruder Nozzles Uses 1. The customer support from the company is of the highest quality In this article we’ll assess the most hip and interesting options available in the market right now. Modified on: Mon, 11 Sep, 2017 at 10:30 AM. Provided with nozzle. After some minutes with it, I managed to put it to work again, It had a clog. This causes filament to stay stagnant and break down eventually clogging the nozzle. It does not come with many of the bells and whistles of the higher-end 3D printers. What we like: 1. If I put it to work then the left extruder won’t Heat up the nozzle to 240C. After 30 or so prints, I've discovered some of the foibles of home 3D The Robox 3D printer's very fast print speed isn't quite worth its lengthy, problematic setup and disappointing print quality. The connections are different between the two versions. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are conducting social distancing to protect team members and customers. The filament passes into and out of the hotend but at some point the stepper motor starts having problems. We recommended to use the FLASHFORGE filaments as they are made with high quality PLA material to ensure smooth feeding and extrusion (they have been successfully tested to minimize the Heating block for precise filament extruding. 3, 0. The FlashForge Creator family of 3D printers are great printers for the price, but over the past several months, I have had to solve a number of problems and research a lot of answers in order to get everything working as I wanted. Finder is  Education Black Flashforge Finder FDM 3D Printer, Flashprint / Cura. The Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer is a dual extrusion 3D printer with an excellent price tag and a reputation for consistency, which makes it one Designed by renowned manufacturer FlashForge, the Creator Max is a dual extrusion FFF system based on the widely successful Creator Pro. 5 BETA or higher. Flashforge Finder 3D printer is safe, affordable, and easy to use Finder delivers you a top-notch user experience that other 3D printers cannot. Creator Pro, FlashForge Creator X, FlashForge Dreamer, FlashForge Finder, nozzles received v. The FlashForge Finder has this nifty integration with Polar Cloud, which saves me the trouble of running a USB cable to my laptop across the room. Finder/Dreamer/Inventor Series with the best prices only for you Comparing prints on the Ultimaker 2 and Zortrax M200 November 3, 2015 - 2:45 pm; Hello world! November 22, 2013 - 4:31 pm; Painting Your Ultimaker Original December 11, 2013 - 3:53 pm Flashforge Finder 3D Printer – Best Option for Less than $500 The Flashforge Finder is unquestionably one of the recommended 3D printers on the market most suitable for education and home users. All metal hotend will let you print at much higher temperature than possible with original PTFE lined one. Bed Surface. Nozzle has been un-clogged repeatedly, but right from the start, when feeding filament in, it does not flow through properly. 0 Nov 23, 2018 · FlashForge’s latest edition to the Guider is a professional 3D printer, with an all-metal frame. r. Flashforge Inventor’s dual-extruder fans are on the frontline of ensuring PLA is immediately cooled when extruded. Dual extrusion requires Cura 4. This precise printer has a precision of up to 11 microns, and has a build volume of 227 x 148 x 150 mm. The build volume is larger than most other 3D printers on the market in the same price range. Mar 28, 2018 · 1. The FlashForge filaments are quality tested to lessen chances of extruders that jam or clog. When you purchase using a shopping link on our site we earn an affiliate commission. So you can print ABS better and more efficient than ever. 75mm. Adding Supports if Needed. iMakr recommend this printer for both those looking to broaden their knowledge of 3D Printers and those looking for a good printer. flashforge. In the same quick, simple and easy to read way we did the FlashForge Finder Review, we’re back to do a review of the latest offering from FlashForge - the FlashForge Guider. ( NOTE: When choosing FlashForge Dreamer Single, make sure that the extruder you selected has filament pre-loaded. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that FlashForge Finder is a more popular 3d printer, based on its 400+ reviews. Affordable, reliable, and easy to use, the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1. Factory Reset - When I attempt a factory reset, nothing happens (the menu closes, but usage stats & wifi do not get reset) The speed at which the print head moves while it is not extruding any plastic. One Spool  24 Dec 2019 It might not be the newest printer around, but at that price it's a really tempting buy . Flashforge V Bearing Fits: Adventurer 3 Creator 3 Creator Pro Dreamer Dreamer 2 Finder 2. The Flashforge Finder is our Spring 2020 pick for the "Best 3D Printer for Beginners". Editor’s Rating: 4. gcode”. These are all problems that you can control with adjustments to the extruder. The MakerBot Replicator and the FlashForge Finder are also great consumer 3D printers to consider. 75 mm Filament Weight: 2. This is a upgrade from the Finder, not only because of the dual nozzles, but bigger build area and a heated build plate. Original Flashforge leveling sensor for Finder, Guider, and Guider II/IIs 3D printers. 00 Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Extrusion Open-Sourcing 3D Printer, Build Size 227*148*150 mm Flashforge Finder Flashforge Guider 2 LulzBot LulzBot. com 59 0086-0579-82273989 Print When Slice Done: If you print via USB cable, you can check the box, while if you print via USB, you should not check the box. flashforge finder not extruding

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