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Legends of the Egypt Gods bookapplication of spiral air blast freezer Spiral freezers are most commonly used in the bakery and fish and seafood industries and by manufacturers of frozen prepared foods. Air is Blast freeze room , normally used for food fast freeze , just like fast freezer chicken meat 1 ton in 4 hours with around -30~-35C to keep the good taste. The B-90 blast freezer can cool the payload bay from 20°C to -90°C in 5 minutes. While factors such as air temperature, flow, and velocity are all important to consider when designing a spiral freezer, they do not tell the full energy story, especially because spiral freezers vary greatly in their freezing characteristics given the variety of applications and product types. While vestibules are often impossible to install for space reasons, conveyor tunnels are essential to minimizing icing inside the freezer. • Impingement freezers direct high velocity jets of air at the food product. Order: 1 Set Airblast freezing in a static tunnel creates 4to5percent dehydration. Quick freezer (0,5-3 cm/h). Evaporation station are all made of aluminum alloy 6063. Nov 03, 2012 · Pembagian lain dari freezer didasarkan pada laju pergerakan dari es, yaitu : Slow freezer dan sharp freezer (0,2 cm/h). • Spiral freezers require relatively small floor-space and have high capacity (for example a 50-75 cm belt in a 32-tier spiral processes up to 3000kgh-1). The differentiated spacing of the holes in the baffle plates directs the air around and through the product, ensuring fast, efficient and thorough processing. Dantech spiral freezers have been used successfully in various sectors of the food industry for a variety of different applications. The offered chiller is manufactured using exceptional quality raw materials and ultra-modern technology. and spiral world use our equipment. This is to help separate wet and sticky products or tumble long, thin pieces for uniform exposure to the air blast. The way of blowing is from the bottom. For the cooling of packaged biscuit and cake products, but can also be supplied as a spiral freezer. All the materials inside can keep clean inside to accord with foodstuff Air blast Quick Freezing Process and Flash Freeze Machine. Aug 01, 2012 · Highlights Air blast freezers are employed for rapid freezing of food. • The formation of this ice can cause floors to crack, break, and lift up or “heave”. 6 meters • Fans at high speed circulate the air in the blast freezer almost 150 times per hour or approx. Feb 18, 2016 · Blast freezer —Blast freezers are mechanical systems generally used to freeze products in bulk on pallets. It replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 Spiral Freezers, but retain A special field of application of continuous air blast freezers are fluidized and semi-fluidized freezers. A Tunnel Freezer is usually an air-based blast freezer with a continuous line where you freeze a large is the technology that they use within the air based tunnel freezer. The Torry continuous air blast IQF freezer provides an efficient, hygienic the correct model and optimum configuration to match your specific application. The rise in the use of spiral freezers can be seen to be a response to the and surface decontamination studies (particularly the application of steam and  Thermo-Jack Freezer - continuous rapid freeze apparatus. Speed is highly important since it helps in determining the quality of the dish and at the same time, it can greatly help in controlling and Spiral Freezers. Belt (spiral) freezers, continues The principle of belt freezer operation is the same as that of a blast freezer, the product is freezed by cold air. For more information abo A tunnel freezer is a larger blast freezer that runs a of your continuos pro- cessing 1) —Frequently a spiral freezer or blast freezer is . WorldBase manufacturers Plate Freezers, IQF Spiral Freezers, IQF Tunnel Freezers, Ice Machines, Cold Room, Cold-air Dryer, Blast Freezer and other relevant refrigeration systems. Applications. Our products involve tunnel freezers, spiral freezer, washing machine, blancher, cold storage, blast freezer and etc. 2). Typical application include poultry, dumplings, meat cuts, prepared foods,  Further to the standard freezer orientations, we are able to work together with our to find a workable and cost effective solution to any Blast freezer application. Removing the dust or powder associated with tiny particles can be very tricky, particularly when it is found in hard to reach places such as small cracks or corners or on a surface which has static What is Frost Heaving in Freezers? • As the earth below a freezer drops below freezing, the moisture in the soil will freeze, form ice, and expand. 6, pp. — Tunnel freezer — Tunnel freezers work in the same fashion as spiral freezers, but they move the product linearly, rather than in a spiral pattern. This gives us the ability to increase the temperature of the environment and increase airflow to produce a more energy efficient solution. The freezer is used to freeze balanced or cooked IQF shrimp or fish products. Spiral Freezer - continuous freeze apparatus. Continuous flexible mesh is used in a linear line or becomes spiral-shaped rows. Self-stacking spiral freezer can handle most belt-transported products especially naked and small size products, even light and spherical products could be safely conveyed through the conveyor belt and not blown off by the air blast. White engineers Spiral Coolers, Blast Freezers, and other equipment solutions to industrial food and baking manufacturing facilities. Any freezer where frozen product is stored prior to distribution. 5to2percent, and in impingement freezers for flat products, the dehydration ranges from 0. For Spiral Freezer, Tunnel Freezer, the lead time is 80-90days after receiving down payment or Letter of credit. Pertinent assumptions in the estimate are as follows* Product -- cut-up breaded 4 oz. The products move as if drifting on a liquid. Other articles where Fluidized-bed freezer is discussed: food preservation: Industrial freezers: Fluidized-bed freezers are used to freeze particulate foods such as peas, cut corn, diced carrots, and strawberries. Spiral freezers relatively take less space than a tunnel freezer while still having the same capacity. Spiral Systems | Address: , Fair Oaks, California, USA www. Tunnels , belts, and spiral belt freezers incorporate LCO2 and LN2, providing more cooling power and controlling the distribution of the liquid cryogen directly in contact with the product (Praxair Technology, Inc. 5 1. Air bypass: By fine- tuning airflow through the product bed, the air bypass ensures gentle, optimized fluidization. 19 May 2020 Pros and cons of blast freezing · Vertical Plate Freezer · IQF-Fluid Bed Freezer · IQF-Spiral Freezer · Walk in Cooler · Flake Ice Machine. Capabilities include field, rebuilding, design, engineering, turnkey systems integration, maintenance and operations training. Variable Retention Time (VRT) freezers —VRTs are essentially a hybrid of batch blast and continuous freezers. Spiral Air Blast Freezer , Find Complete Details about Spiral Air Blast Freezer,Spiral Blast Freezer,Spiral Iqf Blast Freezer,Air Blast Freezer from Industrial Freezer Supplier or Manufacturer-Tianjin Sure International Trading Co. Feb 01, 2020 · Example: Spiral Freezer Automation at a Pizza Plant. 5 Mechanical cooling and air conditioning should only be provided where a clear business case exists. Boxed materials can be processed by contact plate freezers or air blast freezers. Bakers should also consider the spiral blast freezer temperature, plant environment, system capacity and energy costs, just to name a few. It is for the purpose of small capacity (generally 400kg - 2. Our unique Opti Flow horizontal airflow design maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all tiers and reduces weight loss, guaranteeing a higher yield. Commercial Industrial Spiral Quick Blast Freezer/Deep Freezer/Air Blast Quick Freezer/Spiral Freezer for IQF Products with Ce Certificate and High Output FOB Price: US $ 95000-350000 / Set Min. This is used for ready-made dishes that the consumer only has to defrost or heat up. The smaller the crystals, the less damage to the food, as large crystals can rupture cells. For batch freezers, the racks are manually loaded and positioned in the room or tunnel (Fig. Refrigeration Unit 7. 6 Heat load is directly considered when moving or introducing a new freezer. 47 different Commercial Freezers classifieds before organising finance for Commercial Freezers. Custom designed Spiral Freezers and IQF Tunnels for every food application and all cooling requirements Starfrost offer an extensive range of freezing and chilling solutions for every food application. 0 0. 33% on both new and used Commercial Freezers items. In considering the freezing of bulk packed meat products, the Boxafreeze is used commonly within the Meat and Poultry Industries. ). 1) —Frequently a spiral freezer or blast freezer is built without a vestibule. Any freezer where actual freezing of a product . It is carefully blended with synthetic base fluids and special additives to provide excellent protection against wear and outstanding cold-temperaure fluidity – a rare Both packed and unpacked products with long freezing times (10 min to 3 hr) can be frozen in spiral belt freezers due to the flexibility of the equipment (ASHRAE, 1994). Energy required for freezing and freezing time for cartons of beef (from De Jong, 1994) 0. Güntner develops, manufactures and distributes all over the world, and is a market leader in the industry. Spiral freezer is basically an air blast freezer, usually a round chamber in which cold refrigerant blows over wire mesh belt that moves spirally and carries individual items to be frozen. Orange range of Spiral Freezers various sizes ideal for freezing a wide range of products call HFM on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery. New fan design with high efficiency and air velocity control, creates an even air flow distribution Unique evaporator design of fins and refrigerant supply, water Defrosting, 8-12h/time, less maintenance. Some of the advantages of using the QFR Zone®, instead of a traditional blast freezer include: BLAST CHILLER SHOCK FREEZER(Self-Contained)Model: AP3BCF30-1 excellent condition $3,850. Large area aluminum alloy evaporator, adjustable fin pitch, prolong defrosting time and ensure continuous running. Several Kinds of Air blast freezer. Our range of IQF goes from Mesh Belt, Flat Belt, Spiral to Fluidized that best suitable for any of your products that require freezing. Products are evenly fed from the production line directly onto the loading freezer belt. Imported metal sheet and panel processing line ensures a reliable insulation performance of panels. Contact our experts if you need help finding the right blast / shock freezer for your business. For every kind of application We design together with the client, in a discrete manner, an OEM solution that suits their demands. Depending on the size of the food and package freezing takes several hours. The packaged pork samples, which were frozen by air blast freezing at -45oC or electro-magnetic freezing at -55oC, were thawed using 4 different methods: refrigeration (4±1oC), room temperature Nov 25, 2020 · Many blast freezers operate with blowers which force chilled air over the food in the freezer to cool it down rapidly. Our unique dual horizontal airflow design reduces operating costs, increases yield and decreases dwell time. Supplied either with or without fans and boasting a large performance range with very high air-volume capability. AMF offers Set Provides additional protection and better temperature control with heated air; Allows ventilating from a furnace/makeup air unit or recover heat from the hot gas coming off the refrigeration system. Blast Freezer / Blast Chill Spiral & IQF Evaporators Reversing Airflow Evaporators Application: GAS TURBINE INLET AIR COOLING W/DIRECT AMMONIA REFRIGERATION Carl Munters 1. Advanced Equipment Inc. 000 m³, stainless steel switchboard cabinet with PLC/touch screen Siemens S7. 0 Investment Operating costs Airflow varies from open, unbaffled spiral conveyors to flow through extensive baffling and high-pressure fans. Schematic diagram of a continuous spiral belt freezer with vertical air flow. Jan 07, 2016 · Blast freezers can be used by food distributors and caterers to preserve produce for transport to other areas. Belt freezers are similar but product is transported on a perforated conveyor belt. Spiral freezer is widely used for individual quick freezing of fermenting and cooling bread,freezing seafood, pastry, meat, poultry, ice cream. As with our fans for Blast Freezer applications, our Axial Flow fans are supplied either as long or short case and are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting. A blast freezer is an air based freezer that uses cold fronts to freeze the contents in rapid speeds. • Other advantages include blast freezer,Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers &Refrigeration Equipment Suppliers Directory - Find a Quick-freezing Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier. Contoh Backed by rich market experience, we are providing optimum quality array of Blast Freezer and Chiller. Air blast freezers typically are operated at temperatures of -30 to -45°C with the air velocities of 10-15 m/sec. Whether you require an in-store blast freezer, an industrial walk-in blast freezer room, or blast freezer panels for a truck, Burton Industries will be able to meet your needs. Others can work in other ways depending on the design. Our IQF are design to be energy efficient and provide High Yield and of course compliance with food industry hygienic standards as HACCP and FDA. Through energy-efficient design, our spiral freezers also satisfy industry requirements while saving costs to boost your profit. They are available in a range of sizes to cater to the needs of different businesses, and they also offer the benefit of portability. STRUCTURE CHARACTERISTIC The unit consists of evaporative station,insulation cabinet,hydraulic-driving part and controlling panel. Not only does a commercial blast chiller prevent the risk of foodborne illness in fish, meat, and dairy, but it also increases the shelf life of your prepared foods. These freezers can be equipped with movable trays for positioning foods, and they may also include an assortment of compartments for freezing. Sep 28, 2004 · Brochure, Frigoscandia Equipment AB, Spiral Freezers, FMC FoodTech, 1 page, (date unknown). Moisture from the food is transferred, via the air, to the refrigeration coils, which makes frequent defrosting necessary. For example bread, hamburgers, chicken wings, pizza’s and many other products. Boxafreeze. com . Brochure, Spiral 2000 The Space Saving Freezer, 3 pages (date A blast freezer, or blast chiller as it is also known, is a cold storage unit that can freeze large quantities of goods very quickly. , Ltd. optimise the application of cryogenic gases for food cooling and freezing. Advantages each freezer is individually Compare this product Remove from comparison tool A design air speed of 5 m/s has been found to be a good compromise between slow freezing rates and high fan costs and this air speed is recommended for most air blast freezers. RMF Freezers' spiral freezers and chillers are designed to freeze or chill products. For flake ice making unit and plate freezer, the lead time is 45days after receiving down payment or letter of credit. All of our units comply with Chapter 5 of the National Electric Code. Rapid freezing prevents the formation and growth of harmful micro-organisms in the food by neutralizing them. Biomedical -30°C Freezer MDF-U731M and MDF-U731 is a large-capacity Biomedical Freezer, with the both line-up of direct cooling system & manual defrost as well as fan assisted system & automatic defrost. Relocating an ORANGE FREEZING™ spiral freezer is easily achieved. Blast freezers are different from regular lab freezers in that they freeze the product placed within them much faster. The production capacity of the freezer may vary with the size, shape, load geometry, and temperature of the load when entering the freezer. After blast freeze , some customer will sell them directly , some customer will store them into cold storage room with -18C. Industrial Refrigeration Handbook, “Evaporators—Air Coils and Liquid Chillers”, Chap. This chiller is widely used in food processing and related applications for freezing various food grade products under certain temperature. Can be designed as a “closed” systems, meaning the air used in the under-floor system is recirculated after adding heat and dehumidifying. Q6. Our special R&D team can offer the customized solutions according to customer special requirements. Unit uses CO2 as freezing China High Efficiency/Volume Impingement Tunnel Freezer/Impact Tunnel Freezer/IQF Machine for Food/Meat/Aquatic Product with Ce Approved, Find details about China Tunnel Freezer, Blast Tunnel Freezer from High Efficiency/Volume Impingement Tunnel Freezer/Impact Tunnel Freezer/IQF Machine for Food/Meat/Aquatic Product with Ce Approved - Shaoxing Shangyu Yongxing Freezing Equipment Co. application for marinated meat like chicken pork New Spiral Quick Freeze Machine Air Blast Freezer For Fish. Most of these freezers contain a built-in blower fan that releases cold air in all freezer products. Aug 04, 2016 · Air Blast Freezer or Cold Storage Freezer Probably the oldest type of freezers, these are using still or forced air as a medium and the product is kept static in freezing storage rooms. The fluidized bed freezer, a fairly recent modified type of air-blast freezer for particular product The air blast freezer is a kind of BQF freezing machine, it is a type of shock freezer. The patented technology utilizes multiple rotary heads that provide complete spiral belt coverage. In-line Freezers The spiral freezer is also provided with LED lights, Panic alarm, door, door frame, drain tray and drain heaters. 5kw Dimension(L*W*H):2550*1700*1700 Applicable Industries:Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food With the QFR Zone® technology, we are able to improve the air flow to influence freeze time. The spiral freezer's patented vapor balance system minimizes air and moisture   Self-stacking spiral freezer incorporate interlocking self-stacking belt, which tier by tier be safely conveyed through the conveyor belt and not blown off by the air blast. The Spiral freezer is provided with PLC based control system for an efficient equipment operation. We use Bitzer compressors mostly and other compressor brands will be also available according to customers Refrigeration Equipment, Cold Storage, Compressor manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Head Electric Stationary Rotary Screw Compressor, Ultra-Low Temperature Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, Blast Freezer for Ice Cream Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer and so on. Our State-of-the-Art fully integrated manufacturing facility operates and houses Technical Service and Support, Engineering, Design and Project Management. Air Cooled Compressor Condensing Unit Applications: Air cooled compressor condensing unit is mostly used to work together with cold rooms, walk in freezers, spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, plate freezers or other refrigeration projects. It can effectively and economically freeze a variety of products placed inside the quick frozen machine, such as various shapes of meat, fish, shrimp Ammonia Evaporators Pioneers in the industry, we offer ammonia air cooling units/blast freezers, shell and tube chillers, trunk coil for ice plants, ice bank coils, ammonia plate heat exchangers (evaporator application) and ammonia diffusers from India. com OCT offers a wide range of prefabricated Blast Freezer site assembled and factory assembled also and combinational rooms . Our GYRoCOMPACT 60 Spiral Freezer is the latest in our extensive range of spiral freezers. In these freezing plants a strong stream of icy air is blown against the products from below through a perforated plate and swirled so that they literally "float" on this air cushion. AMF’s Blast Freezing System, designed with Blygold coating coils, offer remarkable, long lasting and resilient corrosion protection. Feb 18, 2010 · Freezer Terminology. The paper highlights common design flaws, common energy saving measures and a best practice guide of air blast freezers. There are also many commercial kitchens that contain these freezers for refrigerated storage. Last Login Date: Feb 13, 2020 Business Type: Trading Company, Other Main Products: IQF Tunnel Freezer, Spiral Freezer, Blast Freezer, Vacuum Freeze Dryer, Lyophilizer, Cold Room, Vegetables Fruits Processing Line, Seafood Processing Line, Concentrate Juice Processing Line, Packing Machine Jul 21, 2016 · Continuous freezers are typically placed before final packaging. (Heldman 1975). So various sizes of blast freezers are required. The food is sealed in a blast cell and remains there for multiple days as cold air is continuously circulated throughout the room. In this study, Development in effects and behavior of airflow over in pressure chamber of continuous belt air-blast freezer, were investigated by simulating the airflow field by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Still air freezer or cold storage is the simplest method with the lowest investment costs. 21 Aug 2014 Refrigeration's most important application is the preservation of food. Click the following to view U. Dry Air Coolers | Spiral Freezer | Heating/Cooling Coils | Housing and more. Their objective was safety at the loading dock area, energy conservation, improved building aesthetics and reliable long term operational equipment. Manufacturer: King; Cryogenic spiral freezer manufactured by King Air Kurtain, Model 2-25, 10 tier design with 15" wide chain mesh belt, approx. Mar 31, 2020 · Refrigerators and freezers use an air compressor to chill the air inside the unit. Details are given of a number of types of air blast freezer in common use, with Spiral belt freezers are made in a variety of designs and are widely used for IQF  27 Sep 2012 The major advantages of air-blast freezers are their simplicity and Schematic diagram of a continuous spiral belt freezer with vertical air flow. A high capacity, continuous production blast freezer includes an insulated enclosure (10) and a plurality of adjustable product-carrying trolleys (20), individually moveable with the enclosure from an entrance location (12) to an exit location (14). The advantage of IQF freezers are the high air velocity impingement systems, capable of extremely quick freezing of small, flat, unpackaged food products such as shrimp, peas, diced meat or diced/sliced fruits and vegetables. Dec 25, 2020 · Spiral freezers are available with high volume processing, low product moisture loss and additional options. Includes door, electrical, refrigeration, ceiling & footing drawings IQF, Food Quick Freezer, Deep Freezer, Spiral, Tunnel, Plate, Air Blast Freezer Instant freezer is an efficient freezing device that can freeze a large number of products in a short time. Commercial Freezers are listed between $1,201 and $14,900, averaging at $6,401. J. The reverse-flow center fan design recirculates the cryogen vapor to help optimize freezer performance. We use Bitzer compressors mostly and other compressor brands will be also available according to customers spiral freezer Nantong Icesource designed and manufactured spiral freezer using today's advanced technology, in strict accordance with the requirements of HACCP, breaking the foreign similar equipment monopoly market situation for a long time, and provides multiple choices for customers. Spiral freezers are continuous freezing devices which are developed using an air-blast freezing method. Our mission is to provide the most hygienic, energy-efficient and reliable food processing equipment in the world, with a strong passion for customer driven unity. The Froilabo blast freezer is available in 1 volume to meet all your needs. Belt or Spiral freezers • There are modified air-blast freezers in which a continuous flexible mesh belt is formed into spiral tiers. Spiral freezer 2. We are a loyal company with a large freezer footprint in the industry. Tags: Batch freezer - Blast chiller - Cryogenic refrigeration - Cryogenic treatment - IQF - Spiral  Process Freezer Application Guide moisture from the air to levels below a Munters desiccant dehumidifier, ice buildup and defrost cycles in spiral and blast. The spiral freezer line is quite similar to the tunnel freezer in terms of the end goal: to continuously freezer one specific product in a large scale production line. • More than 80% of the blast freezer length has direct air flow • Average maximum distance for air travel in 5 models is approx. Mar 01, 2017 · Spiral chilling or freezing utilizes a belt conveyor to transport product through a refrigerated enclosure, rotating in a helical manner while being blasted by cold air. Spiral Freezer. Blast cells are not part of the manufacturing line like process freezers. portions. Our Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT ”M” Series freezing system is the latest in a long line of successful self-stacking belt spiral freezers, chillers, and proofers. To ensure the best quality product, it’s important to choose the freezing equipment that creates the most efficient freezing process for your specific product. Application Spiral freezers (freezers) are designed for shock freezing of semi-prepared products (ravioli, meatballs, manti, pancakes, fish, etc. I. Used Spiral Tunnel Iqf Flow Blast Plate Belt Freezers for 1997 KAAK / Used Twin Spiral Freezer. 000 m³, total 125. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the food industry, allows us to work with you to select the m b) Belt freezer (spiral freezers), continuous The principle of the belt freezer is the same as that of a blast freezer: the product is frozen by cold air. This installation originally designed as a spiral cooler. spiralsystems. 22. Many of the units we offer feature a built-in blast freezer that quickly freezes food so it can last longer. Alternatively, a blast freezer can be used as a static storage solution. 3). • Cryogenic freezers achieve temperature reduction by the direct application of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) or carbon dioxide onto the food. Contoh : fluidised bed freezer. freezing times and a variation in product quality based on placement in the freezer. New large self closing hatches that open to 80° provide easy access to all parts of the freezer making the product zone fully cleanable. Cooler ® Drawings. Our Spiral Freeze Lubricant (SL-SF-FG) is formulated specifically for spiral freezers operating at extremely low temperatures including cyrogenic freezing temperatures. Compacted structure,easy operation. etc. Salsone said. We look at the main difference between a spiral and tunnel freezer. What is the Payment term? A 5: By 100% T/T before shipment or By L/C at sight. We have earned the position of dependable supplier among a vast global clientele due to consistency in quality of our product range and services offered to the clients. 0 01. A simulation model has been developed to design an optimal air blast freezer and to predict its performance under a range of operating conditions. 5 2. 1 and 4. Horizontal airflow is applied to spiral freezers by axial fans mounted along one side. every 24 seconds • ArcticBlast 5 requires 5 x 32A 380/440V 50/60 Hz power supply. AMF Import & Export was founded in Nantong, China. Spiral Freezer Systems Not all spiral freezers are made the same in fact all spiral freezer are customized to fit your production needs, space constraints, and refrigeration demands. The B-90 blast freezes products with air frozen by liquid nitrogen. Contoh “Entry and exit vestibules can limit and prevent condensation and will vary, depending on the application,” Mr. Check our inventory of low priced commercial blast freezers. Cooler ® freezer Design Drawings:. Kelvion PLK is a designed-to-order customized industrial blast freezer for Almost all freezing and cooling supplying companies in the freezing tunnel and spiral world use our equipment. Whether you need a standard explosion proof walk-in freezer or a customized unit, we can take care of your requirements. The spiral freezer produced by Square Technology uses the air as the cooling medium to freeze products and mainly uses heat convection to transfer heat to realize the aims of quick-freezing. This may not be enough for unique space usage such as blast coolers and freezers, or applications with high product temperature pull-down loads. Others may operate differently, depending on the design. Simply disconnecting the services to the system, moving it to your required position and then reconnecting it. It is a fully featured, flexible, modular design that utilizes the new patented FRIGoBELT® Nova belt and vertical airflow for unparalleled performance and product zone hygiene. application for marinated meat like chicken pork seafoods etc. Fluid Mattress Freezers has pretended for use for fruit and vegetable services and products, although they have been currently used in specific regions of the Fishmarket. It replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 Spiral Freezers, but retain — Spiral freezer — Spiral freezers can be either mechanical or cryogenic, and move the product along a spiral conveyor through a room for about 45 minutes until it is frozen. IQF Quick Details Power(W):1. These types of commercial freezers are essential for companies that need to store and transport perishable goods before they make their way to their final destination. Yang Chuan is specialized in designing and manufacturing of blast freezer cold room, industrial refrigeration cold storage, vegetables cold storage. It can freeze or chill such as raw shrimp, shrimp ring, chicken patties which especially prepared products and package products require long freezing time Capacity of Spiral Freezer: 500 – 2,000 Kgs product/hr. Fluidized IFQ Tunnel Freezers: Suitable for freezing small and light materials, such as shrimp, strawberries, beans and granular materials. Figure 1 explains the system graphically. Across the globe, GEA's plants, processes and components contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, plastic use as well as food waste in  BLAST FREEZERS Blast freezers use air as the heat transfer medium and depend spiral belt principle uses a spiraling rail system to upward-flowing cold air  The air blast freezer's efficiency for freezing unevenly shaped products is highly This does not apply to all pathogens, however, and some dangerous bacteria can or so-called spiral freezers, in which the belt winds a spiral path through the  27 Oct 2014 The most common way of freezing food is to use an air blast freezer. The air-blast freezer is common freezing technique for shrimps in seafood industry. Weather your searching for a new spiral Unit or need parts and service for your current spiral we strive to be your first choice. Our commitment to "World Class Processing" begins with the basics of a spiral design which goes 24/6. The B-90 is a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen blast freezer. Contoh air blast freezer dan plate freezer. The advantage of the Spiral freezer is that it enables a high capacity to be achieved on a given factory floor area. Using high-efficiency airflow and evaporators, they maximally transfer heat and optimize product quality and yield. * applications, in such as flow, blast and spiral freezers or other low temperature applications. A wide variety of spiral air blast freezer options are available to you, such as 1 year. Jun 20, 2017 · Blast Freezer (+ves) Rapid freezing of cold packs. Used and in very good condition, Kaak Twin spiral freezer with a producing capacity depending on the product data (based upon 1000 pcs of cream cakes of 2500 grams each) approximately 2500 kg/h. Q5. GEA spiral freezers and chillers discretely handle products at capacities up to 7 tons per hour. The GYRoCOMPACT ® 60 Spiral Freezer is the latest in our range of spiral freezers. Used JBT Frigoscandia Advantec Blast Chilling Freezer with: Application involves a straight belt moving food product through a freezing zone with impingement airflow to keep product shape and minimize dehydration Our Blast Freezer ranges are highly flexible in their design to suit your application. The cooling of the enclosure can be accomplished using either cryogenics or mechanical cooling of coils. Sep 02, 2016 · Today’s mechanical freezers though, can rival cryogenic systems both in terms of freezing speed and footprint. The blast process unit contains a coil, fans and baffle plates, through which air is directed. The air blast freezer used fans to blow air at low temperatures (down to -30°C) over carcasses reducing freezing times to between 10 and 24 hours. The majority of food refrigeration and freezing operations use blast freezers in a batch process, while a number of products are cooled or frozen by spiral, fluidized bed, or plate freezers. ULT freezers produce significant amounts of heat which can have negative effects on the efficiency of other equipment, including freezers. com Tel: +44 (0) 2890 994 202 Email: Email Us We can supply machines for most applications call us to discuss your requirements In a blast freezer, the extremely cold temperature promotes very rapid freezing, which creates small ice crystals. NEW SPIRAL OR TUNNEL FREEZERS - FOR MOST APPLICATIONS • For a variety of industries, including fruit and vegetable, pasta and ready meals, ice cream and bakery The Typhoon Belt Washing System is designed for spiral cooling and freezing systems to improve the hygiene, overall cleanliness and actively sanitize both metal and plastic belts. 2004; Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. applications, in such as flow, blast and spiral freezers or other low temperature applications. A heat exchanger in the form of an evaporator is provided in the enclosure. For most applications, two to four defrost cycles per day should be adequate. The spiral freezer can be mainly used to freeze individual products and packed products for various frozen food industry. The Vesta Spiral Freezer by AMF achieves the perfect freezing conditions with exceptional continuous air displacement, creating a cold, smooth and uniform flow of air around each product. IQF line freezer 6. A major New Zealand innovation was the air blast freezer which enabled rapid freezing for high export quantities. WorldBase offers the tailor-made service to meet the needs of non-standard refrigeration equipment. The spiral freezer’s patented vapor balance system minimizes air and moisture infiltration into the system, while also conserving cryogen. For more details please view our brochure below. In conventional in-line spiral freezers it ranges from 1. Blast Freezing Applications in Conventional Rooms Rev. Feb 13, 2020 · China IQF Tunnel Freezer supplier, Spiral Freezer, Blast Freezer Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Shaoxing Coolmachs Food Machinery Co. Industrial Air Blast Chiller Freezer Tunnel, US $ 30000 - 990000 / Set, Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, restaurant, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Nov 25, 2020 · Many blast freezers operate with blowers which force chilled air over the food in the freezer to cool it down rapidly. You can also choose from none, thailand, and united states spiral air blast freezer, as well as from manufacturing plant, hotels, and food & beverage factory spiral air blast freezer, and whether spiral air blast freezer is viet nam. It is designed with all the features for “Plug-in and Go”. A typical spiral belt freezer is shown in Figure 8. CRYOLINE CS Compact Spiral Freezer The CRYOLINE® CS is a new generation of compact, high-capacity spiral freezers. Phone: 916-858-5100, 800-783-8357 (toll free) Fax: 916-858-5199 2711 Citrus Rd. A lot of blast freezers use blower fans which force cold air across the contents of the freezer in order to rapidly chill it. The user-friendly structure is a CFC-free refrigeration system, which facilitates efficient cooling, of the chamber. Blast freezer and cold storage can be designed according to specified requirements. The freezing time of the two pizza samples was between 4. A design air speed of 5 m/s has been found to be a good compromise between slow freezing rates and high fan costs and this air speed is recommended for most air blast freezers. Fluidized freezer 4. 225 linear feet and 5-1/2" clearance between belts. The fans blow air horizontally across the spiral conveyor with minimal baffling limited to two portions of the spiral circumference. We supply all spiral related systems, including high side refrigeration, all air-handling systems for proofers, r more Cryo compact blast freezers manufactured with CNC fabricated machine for hygienic top class sanitation stainless steel grade inner finish. com | Send Inquiry | Phone: +1-(916)-852-0177, 800-998-6111 Spiral Systems specializes in the application and design of spiral processing systems. takes place. The foods are placed on a mesh conveyor belt and moved through a freezing zone in which cold air is directed upward through the mesh belt and the… The B-90 is a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen blast freezer. Pad at the bottom ant top are all HDPE. CES manufactures a complete range of spiral freezing systems using liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. Your freezer is not a sample preparation device. Typical application include poultry, dumplings, meat cuts, prepared foods, bakery, seafood & aquatic, ice-cream Product Description High Quality Spiral Freezer Nantong Icesource designed and manufactured spiral freezer using today's advanced technology, in strict accordance with the requirements of HACCP, breaking the foreign similar equipment monopoly market situation for a long time, and provides multiple choices for customers. air freezers Automatic air blast freezer Manual plate Power freezers consumed / carton frozen ) 0 10 20 30 40 Four batch air freezers Automatic air blast freezer Manual plate freezers Freezing time (h) Figure 1. 169-172 and 223 (date unknown). Reference, Description, External dimensions W x D x H (mm), Air cooling, Water cooling, Remote cold unit This product is associated with these Application areas. Also known as a shock freezer or commercial flash freezer, this type of unit is perfect for freezing fresh produce or meat. We are the Leading Importer, Suppliers and Distributor of Plate Freezer, IQF Spiral Freezer, IQF Tunnel Freezer, Ice Machine, Cold Room, Cold-air Dryer, Blast Freezer and other relevant refrigeration systems. Air blasy Quick freezing (Individual Quick Freezer) is rapid freeze of food by exposure to a blast of air at a very low temperature. Spiral Freezer, Double Spiral Freezer, IQF Quick Freezing Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Yongxing Manufacturer IQF Spiral Freezer Blast Freezer for Fish Fillet/Aquatic/Fruit and Vegetable with High Quality, Ce Approved Industrial Storage Room Freezer for Fruits and Vegetables and Other Food with Good Performance, Commercial Full Automatic Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belt ACI Air Knife Systems are often utilised for removing surface water from a variety of products, but they can also be applied to products and processes that involve de-dusting or blow-off operations. company, and quickly obtain the latest quotation, select more quality Quick-freezing Equipment manufacturers and suppliers on coowor. com Spiral Freezer Spiral Freezer system has most versatile design compared to other types of freezers. The Compressed Air Advantage: Reliable, Versatile and Safe Energy Seen as the plant workhorse in business, the convenient helper at home and the efficient aid in , compressed air is a power source that is widely used even though many people fail to realize how Nov 03, 2012 · Pembagian lain dari freezer didasarkan pada laju pergerakan dari es, yaitu : Slow freezer dan sharp freezer (0,2 cm/h). In commercial processing, foods are flash frozen so that as many nutrients are retained as possible, and to make sure that the food is as fresh and flavorful as it can be. A CES spiral freezer consists of a freezer-belt encircling a rotating drum. In many companies encounter with developing this technology for food industry. 4-500 kilogram/hour 1 Torry double belt flow freezer L=18,5 meter W=4,9 meter, capacity 1000 kilogram/hour Thanks to an air temperature of -40˚F, the ConvoChill blast freezer low- ers the temperature at the core of the food to 0˚F in approximately 240 minutes, a sufficient time to obtain micro-crystallization, keeping all the Tip #15 - Wheel Blast Cleaning Systems Tip #14 - Corrosion types Tip #13 - Compressed air Tip #12 - Avoiding moisture in abrasive blasting Tip #11 - Hydroblasting standards Tip #10 - Estimating production rates blast cleaning Tip #9 - Blast cabinets Jul 28, 2018 · Freezer types and their applications Some freezers are better suited for certain applications than others depending on product type, process conditions or quantity. 4. Spiral Freezers FläktGroup's range of Axial Flow fans provide perfect airflow for Spiral Freezer applications. A blast freezer, or blast chiller as it is also known, is a cold storage unit that can freeze large quantities of goods very quickly. With this motto in mind, we have turn out to be amongst probably the most technologically innovative, cost-efficient, and price-competitive manufacturers for Factory Price For Seafood Iqf Contact Blast Plate Freezer - SPIRAL – Binglian , The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Uzbekistan , Oman , Mecca , Strong infrastructure is the need of any organization. Choose Quality Quick-freezing Equipment Manufacturers,Suppliers, Exporters at Coowor. Call us at: 1 (844) 311-2358 Individual quick freezing machine, also named Air Blast freezers include the cabinet, tunnel, fluidized bed and spiral belt units. Aug 01, 2018 · Air Blast Freezers: Air blast freezers are used for both direct and indirect freezing applications. 07. Rapid freezer (5-10 cm/h). The benefits of blast freezing and blast freezers Flash freezing is a process in which food is very quickly frozen at an extremely cold temperature. BLAST FREEZERS use air as the heat transfer medium and depend on the Spiral Freezer to be Highest Safety Health / Hygiene / Sanitation Standards in general application may also be undertaken by the National Horticulture Board; in. is a fast growing professional manufacturer of quick-freezing equipment. The temperature compensation also prevents ice formation on the switch and ensures that the electronic circuit works trouble free, even at very low temperatures. Will have additional feature of Special camera with product view/ display system for monitoring product movement remotely. Blast freezers may reduce the temperature within a short period without causing supercooling. Measurement Principle The sensor is a capacitative sensor. Spiral freezing tunnel A blast freezer is often applied in spiral freezing tunnels. Ultra-low and laboratory-grade freezers are designed to maintain samples at cold tempera spiral freezer Nantong Icesource designed and manufactured spiral freezer using today's advanced technology, in strict accordance with the requirements of HACCP, breaking the foreign similar equipment monopoly market situation for a long time, and provides multiple choices for customers. 2. freezing operations use air-blast convection heat transfer, and only a limited or frozen by conduction heat transfer in spiral, flow and plate freezers. Our spiral freezer systems and IQF processing unit systems are known worldwide for reliability, low maintenance costs, superior sanitation features, custom solutions and a high return on investment. They operate based on the energy saving principal of horizontal airflow. 0. This first cryogenic self-stacking spiral freezer is built with the smallest footprint possible and based on a new technology to make a more efficient and cost-effective freezer. Thermo-Jack Freezer Spiral type. Contoh : still air freezer dan cold stores. Colmac Coil has been manufacturing evaporators for applications in chillers and freezers since 1971, as both Blast chillers can keep your food between 0°C and 5°C, which is the recommended safe storage range. Advanced IQF Spiral & Tunnel Freezer Systems. Impingement freezing uses thousands of high-velocity air jets to direct air at the top and bottom surfaces of a product. Overall 49% of Commercial Freezers buyers enquire on only used listings, 51% on new and 1. Freezing, Air and Refrigeration | ResearchGate, the professional network for a) blast freezer b) spiral belt freezer c) fluidized bed freezer d) plate freezer  Air blast freezers are used to freeze food commodities from a chilled temperature concept was to use finned surface evaporators to cool the air and large fans to direct ii) Spiral belt freezers: where the belt is coiled in numerous revolutions  Spiral Air Blast Freezer for any misuse of the figures provided in this website, including their use as a procedural manual or as a source of specific insturctions. Freezer, Deep Freezer, IQF manufacturer / supplier in China, offering IQF, Food Quick Freezer, Deep Freezer, Spiral, Tunnel, Plate, Air Blast Freezer, Head Electric Stationary Rotary Screw Compressor, Ultra-Low Temperature Industrial Refrigeration Equipment and so on. With an M&M CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System application, we can lower your suction temperatures down to -60 degrees F, bringing your air temperature around -50 degrees F. The main benefit of the Spiral is the saving of space. China 2020 New Spiral Freezer IQF Machine for Bakery, Find details about China Spiral Freezer, Double Spiral Freezer from 2020 New Spiral Freezer IQF Machine for Bakery - Nantong Baoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co. We cooperate with world famous refrigeration parts to equip the system Spiral freezers are ideal for products requiring a long freezing time, including raw or cooked meat, fish fillets, chicken, and pizza. 2004). 7. Tunnel freezer 3. The efficiency of the ultra performance PLUS spiral freezer can be enhanced with product pre-chilling. We are a full service Spiral Application, Service, and Design Company with a “Turn Key” approach for building new Spiral Systems, and Keeping all Brands of Spirals operating and maintained at the highest level. 1. Process Freezer. This is air blast freezing. Jan 01, 2016 · (a) Spiral air-blast freezer where a horizontal flow of refrigerating air passes through the conveyor belt tiers. Freezing larger products in circumstances where a spiral or tunnel are not suited is normally done in a blast freezer, also known as a shock freezer. IQF Freezers • Spiral Freezers • And More. U. Understand fruits tunnel blast freezer information in Tianjin Ruier Refrigeration Equipment Technology Co. This unique baffle system assists in minimizing the total fan static pressure, reducing the total fan horsepower required to refrigerate the product. 4 min in the spiral belt and tunnel freezers, respectively, and appeared to vary directly with sample mass. Furthermore, this Heinen spiral freezer which is in mint condition is equipped with RETECH hot-dip galvanized cooling evaporator for Ammonia or Freon pump application, equipped with 3 MEZ high pressure ventilators each 11 kW, air flow each 42. Air Blast Freezer Price - Select 2020 high quality Air Blast Freezer Price products in best price from certified Chinese Blast Freezer For Food manufacturers, Meat Blast Freezer suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. Spiral freezers:Lower energy consumption,small floor occupying,retention time is much flexible,the adjusted range is large. Process Freezer Application Guide 3 Process Freezer Types No Vestibule (Fig. JBT FoodTech Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 60 Spiral Freezer The Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 60 Spiral Freezer replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 Spiral Freezers. 2004 3 / 21 BLAST FREEZERS Blast freezers use air as the heat transfer medium and make use of the contact between the product Blast freezers can be used for medical applications as a means to rapidly freeze plasma as well as for general-purpose and bioprocessing applications since they can accommodate staggering loads and a variety of vessels including 10 liter carboys, bottles, racks with vials, and more. By rapidly freezing items, shock freezers can substantially extend your food’s shelf life. Blast freezer -30°C to -40°C temperature. They can be equipped with trays which move about in order to position foods, and often include various compartments for freezing. Removing the dust or powder associated with tiny particles can be very tricky, particularly when it is found in hard to reach places such as small cracks or corners or on a surface which has static Blast freezer -30°C to -40°C temperature. Examples include tunnel and spiral freezers. This is an  Procedia Food Science 1 (2011) 1231 – 1238 In blast air tunnel freezers, the fan tels que les filets Here is a comparison between tunnel freezer and spiral freezers. May 19, 2020 · A blast freezer (also known as shock freezer or flash freezer) is a special type of freezer storage which very rapidly freezes the food stuff or fresh produce at extremely low temperatures. These air blast freezer s are often used in the food and beverage industry and are usually used to store vegetables, fish, ready-to-cook and ice cream. The application of spiral freezers is especially good for areas with limited floor space. Blast Freezers. Fluid Mattress Freezers. As per demand of various industries, we design Blast Freezer that are widely used for freezing application. racks, and product arriving and leaving on a conveyor system (Fig. We provide Spiral freezers that adopt a complete stainless steel structure—such as spiral drum, driven bearing, net belt support, infeed/outfeed support, all frames and so on. Used to chill, crust and full freeze a wide variety of products. 1 FrigoScandia mini iqf, capacity approx. There are many choices we offer in customizing your current production with spiral design that will grow with future products and demands. They freeze, among other cooked and marinated products, fish, seafood, bakery products, ice cream or other convenience items. Figure 2 shows freezing costs for breaded turkey pieces as supplied by a company that makes both air-blast and liquid-nitrogen (LN) freezers. • Ice Formation will lift columns, push foundation walls over, and rip open roofs. Spiral Freezer (0°f to -55°f) Plate/Blast Freezer (-45°f) Storage/Holding Freezer. 1, 22. Rapidly freeze non-medical samples with the new Thermo Scientific XBF40D -40C Blast Freezera breakthrough sample preparation device for use prior to cold storage. The net belt is made of high strength of SUS304 stainless steel, which is very fit for IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) for its neatness and smoothness. Application of IQF freezer equipment 2020-07-13; Build a store to store apples, oranges, sweet pears, and prices 2020-03-15; What is refrigeration? 2020-03-15; The Appeal of China Iqf Freezer for Fries 2020-03-09; high quality IQF tunnel freezer from China first cold chain 2020-03-09 We are dedicated to in three major machines: processing machines for freezing plant, IQF freezers and air blast freezers. Food Freezing & Food Chilling in A Cryogenic Freezer That Saves Space offers advanced cryogenic delivery ideal for any freezing and chilling application. This series of products are widely used in all kinds of food processing These air blast freezer s are often used in the food and beverage industry and are usually used to store vegetables, fish, ready-to-cook and ice cream. We design and build all the components in our spiral freezers starting from the panels and spiral mechanism to the electronics and control panels. The compact freezer system delivers extremely rapid and effective freezing times at significantly lower costs than cryogenic freezers. It replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 spiral freezers while retaining all the best Frigoscandia technology, including FRIGoBELT® NOVA self-stacking belt which is available with a 10-year warranty. Support inside and hardware are all stainless steel(SUS304). has been designing and manufacturing both spiral freezer and tunnel freezer systems since 1976. At Burton Industries, we manufacture blast freezer panels for any application. * The spiral freezer is a continuous in-line-belt freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and assure quality gently handing during the freezing process. For every kind of application We design together with the client, in a discrete Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DTO PLK. Packaged food is brought up by a chilled room on the belt. S. 5T/day) freezing. Square Technology is honored to draft the Chinese National Standard of spiral freezer. VertaCool - Advanced Spiral Technology Ambient Cooling. To maintain the quality of a product when blast freezing, it’s imperative to reduce its temperature as quickly as possible. Fluidized bed freezers. Continuous air blast freezers may economically justify air speeds in excess of the above-recommended value. Blast chilling/freezing application is a moving load system which is markedly different from the conventional walk-in chiller/freezer type. Other food processing equipment Nantong Baoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co. — Blast freezer — Blast freezers are mechanical systems generally used to freeze products in bulk on pallets. +49 (0)8141 242-0 Blast chiller freezers are top quality devices that have the ability to lower the temperatures of introducing foodstuff, whether new or pre-cooked, maintaining the peculiarity during the storage. T-160 Ultra Low Freezer B-90 Blast/Thaw Freezer T-90 Storage Freezer S-90 Shipper Freezer L-80 Liquid Chiller Applications Blast Freezing Plasma Freezing CAR-T Cell Storage cGMP Processes Stem Cell Storage 7 Day Backup Storage Contact to Learn More. Ultra rapid freezer (10-100 cm/h). heat exchange against air to the food. It is more compact and is said to offer a 65% reduction in drive power compared to the previous generation. Manufacturer of Blast Freezer - Mobile Blast Freezer, Ice Cream Production Blast Freezer, Stainless Steel Blast Freezer and Mini Blast Chiller & Freezer offered by Inno Cool India Private Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is called a “variable” freezer because it can be designed to accept products from multiple production lines at Industry: Food Processing (Blast Freezer) A meat processor with on-site blast freeze capabilities investigated alternative loading dock equipment as an upgrade to their frozen food warehouse. Buyers usually enquire on 1. VertaCool Ambient Brochure Our Blast Freezer ranges are highly flexible in their design to suit your application. ACI Air Knife Systems are often utilised for removing surface water from a variety of products, but they can also be applied to products and processes that involve de-dusting or blow-off operations. We offer Class 1, 2, and 3, and Division 1 and 2 ratings for the interior and exterior cooler and freezer units of the walk-in module. The way of blowing is from the edgeways. The freezer-belt enters at the bottom of the drum at the infeed location and wraps in a helix to the top, where it makes a discharge. Cold room 5. Storage Freezer (30°f to -25°f) Refrig, Freezer, Spiral, King Air Kurtain, Mdl 2-25, 15, BelRefrig, Freezer, Spiral, King Air Kurtain, Mdl 2-25, 15, Bel. Mar 18, 2009 · In the fifth of a six-part series on moisture control solutions for specialty buildings, Sean O’Brien, senior project manager with Boston-based engineer Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, talks about moisture-control challenges that are unique to freezers and cold storage facilities, including condensation and frost heave. * We can supply the hydraulic and conveyor equipment used to extract the frozen blocks from the freezing frames & trays. Anyone contemplating a new freezing plant has the problem of type of freezer to A comparison of basic freezing methods (such as air blast, plate, drum, liquid, Thus, we shall attempt to stress principles, not just differences, in application to   12759 products Yongxing Manufacturer IQF Spiral Freezer Blast Freezer for Fish Fans Species: Frequency Fan; Noise Level: Low; Application Fields: Food Processing Air Cooling Factory Outlet Containerized Blast Freezer for Food Quick  Blast freezer -30°C to -40°C temperature. 0 1. In this method, the product is exposed to a low temperature and high velocity air steam. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Prechilled cryogenic freezers have sufficient cooling capacity to return the air temp to -300°F in the stated times with the steel loads shown (load at +75°F + 24°C). 00 Beverage-Air Williams WBC110 44" Reach-In Stainless Steel Blast Chiller 110 lb In conventional in-line spiral freezers it ranges from 1. Within these categories, various freezer designs Güntner air coolers and evaporators for refrigeration needs are among the best and most efficient units for absorbing thermal energy from the ambient air. Items 1 - 15 of 18 Small Iqf Quick Freezing Tunnel Air Blast Freezer , Find Complete designed Spiral Freezers and IQF Tunnels for every food application and  CRYO TUNNEL-AFZ Exhaust System CO 2/O 2 Room Air Monitor Cryogenic levels optimise the application of cryogenic gases for food cooling and freezing. Dec 25, 2012 · Blast freezers with a “once through” air flow design with a return air plenum are better at producing uniformity in temperature and freeze times than blast freezers that blow air through the top of the product racks, let the air turn around at the front of the box, and return air through the bottom of the same racks. The freezer is widely used to freeze dairy, poultry, langoustine, clams, seafood and meat, such as chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. 8 Blast freezer banks Fincoil/Teknotherm RP-JXP-4300-3280-7-15KK 1 Jackstone horisontal plate freezer 11 station with hydraulic aggregate and curtains 4 MMC Horisontal 11 stations plate freezers. Unlike slow freezing, very small crystals of ice are formed which do not rupture the cells of the food and so the structure is relatively undamaged. 6to1percent. Varying from compact to mega IQF freezers, Carton Freezers, spiral freezers, Multi belt tunnels and special inline freezer/chillers, we provide an exact fitting solution. Brochure, IceBits' Blast Freezer, 6 pages, (date unknown). Disclaimer : This work is a guide providing general information concerning the subject matter; it is not a procedure manual or complete detailed description of the equipment. Description / remarks: Used and in very good condition, maintained spiral cooler / spiral freezer. Click here for full information on our blast freezing machines. Innovative The inline IQF tunnel is ideal for upgrading from static blast freezing to continuous in-line IQF processing, or for diversifying or expanding production. application of spiral air blast freezer

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